Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Brew That Is True

The pellet with the poison's
in the flagon with the dragon,
the vessel with the pestle
has the brew that is true.

~ Norman Panama and Melvin Frank
(spoken by Danny Kaye in The Court Jester)

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you're having a wonderful one. Shown above are the Grandmother's Favorite with Heart cloths I made for Liat and Meital. It's hard to see the heart in the center because I used variegated yarn, but in person it shows up well enough. The girls love them, and the cards I made, and the heart-shaped candy I bought. I guess I done good, even though I never did get around to making those bookmarks. Oh well, there's sure to be another holiday along in a couple of weeks, right?

Here's something funky-looking. My Waffle Weave sock in the process of acquiring toe decreases. I am sure it will look less ripply (is that a word?) on the hoof, so to speak. Hoping to finish this up tonight, and cast on the second sock. I have even more incentive to finally finish this pair because... (Warning: Spoiler Alert! Christine, if you are reading this and want to be surprised with your next pair of socks, go back and finish your homework, okay?)

Aaaahhh, yesss! Come to Mama!

This beauty is going to become socks for my niece, as you may have guessed. I'm contemplating the Embossed Leaves pattern. Any thoughts?

And then there's this. Three cards (with detailed instructions) will be on their way to Scrap and Stamp Arts magazine tomorrow. Positive thoughts, good wishes, and bribes sent to the magazine gratefully accepted! Just kidding. Well, maybe not about the first two. Use your judgment.

This is what went in the mail today, to the Cheyenne River Reservation. I meant to mail it last week, but you know how that goes. Not a bad assortment of things. The eagle-eyed among you will recognize some of the toddler-sized leftover socks I made last summer. Not shown are six small bottles of hand lotion and one pair of gently used kids' size socks. I'm still battling an inexplicable urge to knit a tiny sweater, so that will likely be my next community knitting project.

And then there's this. See how the backstitching really brings the design to life? Drop down to yesterday's post and compare. You know you want to.

So, where's the brew? No, I don't mean the chocolate-flavored Japanese beer created for Valentine's Day (aka Love Beer? Is that for real?). Now, I love chocolate, but even I draw the line in some places...For example, no chocolate with fruit, except maybe strawberries. Or maybe bananas. Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes. The brew. You see, I've had the above quote stuck in my mind for a few days now (no idea why). Then it dawned on me. The crazy and wonderful mix of all of my hobbies and activities are the brew of my life. And some days there's a little bit more of one ingredient, some days a litle less. But it all works out in the end.

Because doing what you love and what makes you happy is the way to make the brew that is true.

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LizzieK8 said...

Wonderful Washcloths. I really need a new one.... that along with all the bazillion other things I want to knit!

Yellow socks are way cool and I've decided I really like Opal sock yarn. I'm on the look out for a light color solid neutral. Hand dyeing stuff.

Good luck on your stamp submissions! Anything I'd recognize? :)