Monday, February 18, 2008

Stealth Knitting

stealth, n. [Middle English stelthe , base of stelen, to STEAL]
1. secret, furtive, or artfully sly action or behavior.
2. [obsolete] theft.

Yep. That's me, all right. Artfully sly. But you knew that, didn't you?

I have decided there are three levels of stealth knitting. First, you have knitting that must be performed in a secret and furtive manner because you wish to surprise a recipient who shares your domicile. Not only might they catch you in the artfully sly act of knitting their gift, but they might also accidentally catch a glimpse of a progress photo innocently displayed on your blog.

The second level involves a surprise for a friend or family member who lives somewhere else, but who might occasionally take a glance at the afore-mentioned blog, thereby running the risk of ruining said surprise.

The third level is reserved for the two or three people for whom you wish to create a surprise gift and who do not, for some bizarre reason, visit your blog.

Fortunately for me, my much-loved mother-in-law falls into this third category, and therefore I actually have something to show you today! The odd looking brown blob in the photo above is a little something I started today for my MIL. It is my first time knitting this pattern, and so far it is amusing me to no end. There is no sewing up, either. I can't wait to finish it and see how it turns out. Can anyone guess what it is? I will provide the big reveal as soon as it's done, since this is, after all, level 3 stealth knitting.

That other thing in the photo? Sorry, that's classified. Level 2, you see.

Here's something that has been de-classified. I've made a bit of progress on the Summer Bunny. The white area of the bunny's head has been filled in, though I doubt you can see that. When I took the Four Seasons Bunnies out of their extended time-out, I decided I might as well let my girls know what I was up to. After all, I can always come up with a few new tricks to keep up my sleeve.

Because, you know, I so love being artfully sly.


Bobbisox said...

I love your artful, sly knitting or projects (projecting?) and your levels of stealth. I suspect that the brown thing is a slipper toe, but who knows. The other thing is skunk colored so might be a toy.
Hear, hear to artful sly knitting.

Unknown said...

Is it a kitty cat bed that is started in the round then moved to cir. needles, topped off a different color and when it is all done being knitted you felt it? That is a S.W.A.G Love the bunny!