Friday, February 1, 2008

Photoless Friday

Today just kind of slipped by without even a passing thought being given to photographing something. That does not mean, however, that nothing was accomplished!

First, I am delighted to report that the pecan bars were delicious and a huge success with the tenth graders. I cut them into teeny, tiny squares so that Avi, Liat and I could try them last night while watching our basketball team win in overtime (yeah!).

Today I worked on my Waffle Weave sock, and on my sweater. But I spent the most time working on cards that I plan to send off to various magazines. I hope to get them published. Which would be exciting and wonderful, but which also means I got nuttin' to show you. Sorry.

I have finally figured out a way to measure out 1/6 of a cup, so chances are good I will be making a half-batch of the pecan bars either tonight or tomorrow, for family consumption (the batch from yesterday is, of course, history).

The best news of the day was that Meital brought home a report card full of 100s in every subject except Sport. Whoo Hoo!

Tomorrow, we're off to Jerusalem to see the in-laws. That means sock knitting, of course. Will I finally finish the first Waffle Weave sock? Will I ever recapture my sock-a-week pace from 2007? For these and other exciting developments, tune in tomorrow...

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LizzieK8 said...

Sounds like a good day, all in all. I'm still dealing with feelings of discontent, but.... I know they'll pass.