Monday, February 11, 2008

Closing In



I just cannot believe this project has been in a drawer for years, with just a few short hours worth of work left to be done!! Once I finish up that last small empty patch, all I'll need to do is a bit of backstitching here and there around the horses. It will probably take me longer just to find a reliable framer who knows how to handle needlework than it has to complete the project. My feet are already quivering in anticipation of the traditional happy dance that accompanies the completion of every cross stitch project (some things you never forget).

I worked a bit this morning on Liat's washcloth, and hope to finish it up tonight. My alternate plan, since this is stealth knitting, after all, will be to work on the TSGFSVS. I also put in some time on my top-down raglan sweater, but the 24" circular needle is so full of stitches that it is getting a bit awkward. Just 8 more rounds and I'll be able to take the sleeve stitches off the needle and put them on waste yarn. That should help considerably.

Avi and I got a lot done on the translation project today. It is like the Rental Agreement from Hell. From what I understand, the landlord has been burned a few times, and now uses a contract that no tenant in her right mind would sign. And I guess those years of working in law firms is finally paying off, because I actually remember and understand a fair amount of the terminology. Scary.


Bobbisox said...

LOL, of all the years I had to look at rental contracts on a daily basis, as a welfare worker, my rental contracts have always been a :: bit :: different. Mostly because I am a pet lover who is almost rabid about making sure that the home is as much for them as for me. But hey, each place was for more than 10 years.

Anonymous said...

How exciting that the cross stitch is almost done! It is beautiful! I always remember what was going on in my life with my cross stitch pieces whereas that is seldom the case with my knitting. Please show it to us again when it is matted and framed.

LizzieK8 said...

You make your Xs the "right" way. I always make mine from upper right to lower left across the line and then upper left to lower right on the way back.