Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So Close!

This morning I knit on Liat's Valentine's washcloth, and it's nearly done. I am pretty much past the anxiety-producing stage where I feared I would run out of yarn. I also worked a bit on my poor, neglected sock. I plan to make the big push on that once the washcloth is done.

Later today, after we finished translating the rental contract, I worked on my cross stitching. I finished all the /s and Xs, and now I'm working the backstitching. Backstitching is the bane of almost every stitcher I know. Those who claim they enjoy it are either crazed or fibbing. But we love them, anyway. After all, they stitchers. It's kinda like knitters who claim to love sewing their sweaters together. You don't always have to add backstitching to a cross stitched piece, but it does tend to really make the design pop and add a special POW to the piece. I decided not to show you a progress photo today simply because when you see the piece with all of the backstitching done, you'll see a huge difference. And The Wave doesn't even have all that much backstitching, compared to some other projects I've completed.

I can, however, show you this. This tasty ATC is from my fantastic friend Sandy, who is a very talented artist. She has also received mine (I showed it to you a while back) and likes it, so everyone's a winner. Don't you love it when that happens?

I finished up another card that I am going to submit to a magazine in the hopes they will publish it. No matter what, they will end up forwarding the card to Keiki Cards and it will end up going to one of the Keiki Kids. Once I know whether or not they are going to publish it, I will be able to share it here.

I faced facts recently and realized that I have several duplicates of rubber stamps. So I offered them to my wonderful friend Laela, who had some fabulous stamps to offer me in trade. Again, win-win. Gotta love it. These are the stamps I will send to her (tomorrow, I hope!), along with a card I made using the same images she will be getting:

Please forgive the flash! All images are by Dee Gruenig Signature Designs (formerly Posh Impressions). My favorite stamps.

Tomorrow, I absolutely must get to the post office, to send Laela her stamps and of course to send the Heet the Feet box to Cheyenne River Reservation. I also have a couple of things waiting for me to pick up there. Maybe one of them is the sock yarn I ordered to make pink socks for my niece Christine.

Hopefully, neither of them is a body part.


craftyvox said...

Oh I like that Good News stamp. And love the background - is that made with a stamp as well, the newspaper scraps?

Btw did you ever figure out why you were sent that foot? :P

LizzieK8 said...

Gorgeous stuff as usual!

I really didn't mind backstitching that much.... But then I'm normal so it kinda figures...