Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!

Did you ever know someone whose birthday is February 29th? The only person I can remember knowing with this birthday is Mr. Glenn. Mr. Glenn was the custodian at my elementary school. He was a sweet, friendly man, tall and thin with a fringe of black hair surrounding an island of baldness. When he had the time, he would sit in his small office and listen to music. Herb Alpert and the Tiajuana Brass. I learned to love that music thanks to Mr. Glenn. It's kind of amazing to me that I remember him so vividly. The last time I saw him must have been in June of 1970 or so. But he was a lovely man, patient with us kids and seemingly always cheerful.

Today Avi and Meital finally made their annual trek to the nearby nature preserve to see the black irises. This preserve is one of the few places in Israel where you can find these stunning flowers.

When we first moved here, we went to see the irises with Liat in her stroller. Then Meital came along, and the four of us went together. But in recent years, it is a special tradition for Meital and Avi to go alone, together.

While they were gone, Liat studied and I stitched. But I was curious as to what they would see (it is a bit late in the year to see the irises - what if they had already started to fade?) and what kinds of photos Avi would take.

I think he did a great job!


Pokey said...

One of my high-school friends was born on Leap Day. We teased her about graduating at age 4, since she only had a birthday every 4 years!

The irises are beautiful! I've never seen anything like them! It is great that Avi and Meital share that bond, and you and Liat have your stitching bond too.

The cookies look delish! (to borrow a word from Rachel Ray) and the lasagna sounds yummy also! (or yum-o, to stay with the theme...)


Jill L said...

The Iris' are so pretty! Stillealy here, althought my daffodils are up.

My friend Patti,who I went to Stitches with,was born on the 29th. She says since she only has a birthday every 4 years see's only 12!