Sunday, February 24, 2008

Busy Day

"What is a weed?
A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I'm pretty sure this is a weed (and aren't my gardening skills pathetic!), but those little yellow flowers are so cheerful, I couldn't bear to yank it out this morning, during one of my desultory attempts at clearing out the weeds in our front yard.

I did some errands in the morning, including a brief stop at the Art Center, a nearby art suply store. I picked up a whole bunch of those little bottles of acrylic paint. Then I had the pleasure of reorganizing my stamping room a bit, making a tidy home for my new paints. I threw away some old stuff and things I never use, and gathered all of my paints together on one shelf, sorted into recycled containers and labeled. I was pretty pleased with the results.

Then Avi and I got a rush translation job which was, mercifully, not too many pages. Not great from an income point of view, but considering the rush, it was better not to have too much to accomplish in too short a time.

I made yet another batch of pecan bars, and although I checked and double checked my measurements, they came out softer and more crumbly than in earlier, successful attempts. That may be because I had to use light corn syrup instead of dark. We checked about 6 different stores in Netanya, including one shop exclusivly dedicated to baking products, and could not find dark corn syrup at all. That happens sometimes here. It either means that the importer no longer buys dark corn syrup, or that another shipment is on the way and I need to be patient. No way to know, so I went ahead and got light syrup, of which, for some reason, there is an abundance.

I worked a bit on my inchies again, but they are not yet interesting enough to show you. I also worked on my latest craft project, which also isn't terribly interesting just yet. I finished adding lacquer to an earlier project that had stalled, and I hope to add the trim and do the inside of the box tomorrow. Finally, I got another card ready to submit to yet another stamping magazine. That package will, I hope, go in the mail tomorrow.

In the afternoon, I worked a bit more on Summer Bunny. Now I think you can probably guess that he is jumping rope. I'd hoped to actually stitch in the rope today, but I ran out of time.

This evening Avi and I went to a basketball game. My preparations for going to games always include readying my fanny pack with my current sock in progress. We got to the game just moments before tipoff, but I did manage to knit a couple of rounds during half-time.

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Anonymous said...

A weed? It looks like a daisy! Certainly is beautiful! What are inchies?