Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sleepy Saturday

I worked on a lot of different things today, but don't really have much of anything exciting to show you. I got a fair amount done on my sock, worked on some backgrounds for cards, started my inchies for the swap, and started another craft project.

I also worked on Summer Bunny, and as you can see he's lookin' good. I've started trying to figure out how I want to finish the picture. I don't want to frame this one. Instead, I'm thinking about piecing and quilting a fabric "frame." I spent a pleasurable several minutes looking at one of my (many) quilting books, trying to decide on a pattern. I also discovered a small stash of triangles already cut out, for a long-abandoned project (there was, of course, a small note in with the fabric and triangles, indicating what the project was supposed to be).

Otherwise, it was a mild and sunny, lazy and thoroughly enjoyable Saturday. I hope yours is the same.


Anonymous said...

The bunny sure is coming along great! Did you tell us what it is he is reaching for? hint on the new project! You're teasing us!..of course, to come back and read more. :>)

craftyvox said...

Gah my browser ate my comment!!

Cute bunny!!

I wish I could needlework. But I think I lack the patience.
My sweet granny used to needlework, her works were near perfection heh. Her house was filled with framed work of her own, beautiful. I have 3 beautiful pieces at home, just still need a place to hang them properly. (I miss her heh, she passed away october 2005)

Karin said...

Amy, I want to respond to the comment you left on my blog about the throw: yes the Noro yarn has to be handwashed. But I will be the only one using it, so I will wash it. It's no big deal, really, as the throw used less yarn actually that a sweater would have. So it's not heavy or anything.

Have a good weekend!