Friday, February 22, 2008

Another Friday

This morning, when we returned from our walk, Avi pointed out this beautiful hyacinth growing in our front yard. In Hebrew, the name is Yakinton, which also happens to be the name of our street. Many of the streets in our neighborhood are named for flowers. The rest are named for old, dead guys. Sure glad I live on a flower street!

I did a bit of stamping today. This card is one of two I did. The scan came out horribly: the card base is more orangey-yellow, and on the white background is a lattice-like grid of grey lines. This card will be going out to a friend who could use a friendly hello. I have more things I want to do, but they will have to wait until tomorrow. Among them is to make a set of nine inchies (one inch square mini works of art) for a swap on one of my stamping groups.

I started a hat today, using the London Beanie pattern. It is in black, because it will be going into a care package for a soldier. Almost every year, one or both of the girls have taken part in a drive to donate care packages to soldiers in the IDF. I like to include a handknit hat along with the tea, instant soup, Ramen noodles, and candy. It was nine years ago that I first prepared such a package, and now I realize that in just a few short years, Liat and her classmates will be new soldiers in the army. When the time comes, I hope they will all get care packages, too.

I didn't get as much done on Summer Bunny as I had hoped, but it is fun to be working with a new color (not to mention that it's my favorite color!). Below the blue at the bottom will be his foot and a couple of rows of grass, so you can see that I am getting close to finishing! Any guesses as to what he is doing?


Anonymous said...

It is snowing here in Vermont again today so the only flowers I am going to see for awhile are yours. Thanks for sharing! The hat is great and for such a good cause. I think the bunny is trying to catch a butterfly!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful hyacinth! I'll go tell my friend Nina about it, the friend whose grandmother used to always give her hyacinths for her birthday.

Karin said...

A hyacinth! What a beautiful sight.

We'll have to wait for those another blanket of snow yesterday. Just enough to make everything look white and pretty.

Thanks for reminding me about the London Beanie pattern! That's always a good one to make.